Fusion Shots

A set of six Fusion Shots from our range of 14 fragrances, created especially for you to mix and match segments of each to blend and create your own signature fragrance!

See the descriptions of our wonderful fragrance range below.


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Elderflower Pressé Sparkling and light, this delicate fusion has a gooseberry heart and a sweet and seductive effervescence.

Green Tomato Leaf Amazingly green, cool and bursting with cut grass and cucumber, fusions really don’t come fresher than this!

Wood Sage and Sea Salt Capturing sea spray and coastal breezes, this fresh, masculine fusion is ideal for bathrooms and cloakrooms.

Wild Poppy Vibrantly red and sultry, wild poppy, with a vanillary base has wonderful jasmine and orange notes with the slightest hint   of nutmeg and pepper.

White Jasmine With a warm, floral base, white jasmine has top notes of pear and plum, intermingled with Cassis.  A very pure fusion.

English Pear Fruity with subtle, sweet mid notes; this fusion is ideal for long, lazy summer days.

Daffodil The top notes of a floral bouquet with a hint of melon immerse you head long into spring. Heady and hypnotic, this fusion will brighten the greyest of days!

Cut Grass Windows open, nets blowing gently in   the warm, summer breeze and the unmistakable fusion of freshly cut grass.

Green Tea and Lime Exquisitely refreshing, green tea infused with lime is fragrant and  wonderfully rejuvenating.

Green Apples Indulgently green, this crisp, fresh fusion explodes sharp, fruity greenness into any room.

Woodland Bluebell Evocative of a British woodland walk in spring time; surround yourself with this heady and enchanting fusion.

Flowering Sorrel and Lemon With top and base notes of lemon, this zingy citrus explosion is intermingled with flowering sorrel, basil and wonderful thyme to create a fusion must-have!

Japanese Peony Jasmine and talc with violets and musk, this beautiful fusion has a warm base and will bring out the best of any room.

Sweet Pea With a fusion of rose, violet, and   freesia, this is feminine, floral and unmistakably British summer gardens!

Fusion shot, mini tartlets exploding with fragrance and designed especially for you to create your own, unique scent.

Choose whether to use one whole shot or take segments from several different shots then simply control the strength of fragrance by adjusting how much of each you add to your burner.

Be inspired by the seasons, your moods, the colour of your room or who you are entertaining; the possibilities are endless!

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