Room Cologne – Baby Powder

Wrapped in fluffy, white towels, immersed in emotions and memories; feeling calm and soothed, clean and fresh, just like a new born baby!



We believe a room cologne should be more than just an effective way to fragrance your home. It can be likened to a symphony; a combination of many ingredients, brought together in such a way as to create beautiful, memory provoking experiences though the delivery of perfume, making the cologne as unique as the individual.

Room colognes often disappoint on many levels; like perfumes, they need to have not only an instant effect but also longevity. Their fragrance can be artificial because they contain vast amounts of inferior chemicals and they can also be mixed with cheap ‘carrier’ agents like water. We use only the very best fragranced oils, carefully sourced and selected for their natural aromas and their ability to keep on fragrancing. We never use water in our room colognes, only ever Perfumers’ Alcohol, which is light enough to allow the dissolved oils to hang in the air for longer, giving it that stay-ability we all look for and expect.

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