Wax Tartlet Burner

We offer a selection of Ceramic and Natural Soapstone Wax Tartlet Burners, sometimes referred to as Oil Burners.

The Soapstone burners are Fairtrade and handcarved in India and as a natural product, they vary greatly in colour making each one unique.  The stone has naturally occuring veins (adding to their individuality) that may, over time, allow a small amount of oil to seep through and soak into the stone.  Always ensure that the oil doesn’t build up on the underside of the bowl and wipe the outside/underside of the bowl regularly after each use

All of our tartlets can be used in all of the burners we supply and the newer, electric type warmers.  Always ensure you never overfill your burner bowl.

Safety First!

NEVER place your burner on a windowsil with net curtains or any flammable materials and never leave unattended.

Always ensure your burner is placed on a mat or coaster on a stable, level surface.



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