Carfresh, our unique ‘on the move fragrance-delivery system’, available in nine of our amazing fragrances, handcrafted in 10 shapes, just right for hanging in your vehicle! Each one hand coloured, so no two pieces are the same!


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Our 3 for £11 Carfresh Mix & Match are all individually handmade by us.  If you come to one of the events that we are at throughout the year you can take your pick of what shape in what fragrance we have left.  But here on the website you can choose the fragrance and shape that you want and we will make it especially for you.

We make them from a highly absorbent material that absorbs our fragrance quickly yet releases it very slowly.  To ensure you get a really good fragrance from your Carfresh for a good 6 to 8 weeks (Min). You may not be able to see but there is plenty of ribbon attached to your Carfresh so that you can tie/hang it wherever you want. Don’t worry!  when you hang it in your car it won’t melt and drip all over your dash! NOT to be placed on an  interior surfaces of the vehicle.  It may leave a mark or cause some form of discolouration and damage.

Of course just because its called Carfresh  you can use them anywhere you want an air freshener. That is one you can hang up. A lot of our existing customers use them in downstairs cloakrooms, wardrobes to enhance their perfumes and children’s rooms too.

Lasts approximately six to eight weeks. Don’t forget you can also get Carfresh individually

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