Dog Aromatherapy Candle RELAX

Dog Aromatherapy Candle – RELAX

A blend of 100% high grade essential oils, hand poured in a 10 hour approximate burn time tin.

RELAX is the nut allergen safe alternative to our CALM* range.


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Dog Aromatherapy Candle RELAX.  The aromas evoked by burning a Dog Aromatherapy Candle RELAX, bring back memories & allow us to release endorphins, as our sense of smell connects to the limbic system, the part of the brain connected to emotion and memory.

This is why essential oils have such a powerful effect on our moods, general state of mind and well-being, helping to calm anxiety and relieve stress and it is this action that makes aromatherapy candles invaluable in helping long term conditions like anxiety and stress.

The CALM* recipe was developed in 2014 for one of our miniature dachshunds, Poppy.  Poppy was an adorable yet incredibly nervous, highly strung bundle of fluff.  She was diagnosed with high blood pressure and, despite being medicated for this, remained extremely nervous, particularly around Bonfire Night or during storms.  Any loud noises would distress her to such an extent she would pant heavily, pace around the house and her heart could be felt pounding through her chest. Everything we tried to calm her failed and we were rendered helpless in comforting her and alleviating her anxieties.

With our experience in candle-making, we looked into aromatherapy as a possible solution.  We researched the calming and relaxing properties which certain essential oils can offer and, after extensive research and testing, developed our recipe know today as CALM*.  We applied this recipe to a candle initially, begun test burning and our CALM* candle was born!

Our tests identified that if we burned the CALM* candle for approx. 15 – 30 minutes every evening for 3 weeks leading up to Bonfire Night, Poppy would sleep soundly through the loudest of fireworks; this truly was a miracle we never thought would happen!  We also found that she was much calmer during storms however, as you can very rarely plan for this, we developed the CALM room spritz which we also found to be very effective for separation anxiety.

Sadly, our beautiful little Poppy is no longer with us but through her anxieties and stress, we were able to develop a product that really works. Over the last few years, we have made it available to others who were experiencing the same distressing behaviours from their dogs and they too have achieved fantastic results – our Facebook Reviews and website testimonials really do speak for themselves!

Through offering you the same comfort and relief for you and your dogs, Poppy’s legacy lives on! So why not try our Dog Aromatherapy Tartlet RELAX or  Room Spritz RELAX  

*Our CALM range contains Sweet Almond Oil, for a nut-free alternative, please use our RELAX range.

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