Dog Aromatherapy Room Spritz – RELAX

Dog Aromatherapy Room Spritz – RELAX

A blend of 100% high grade essential oils and Perfumers Alcohol, to create a lighter than light spray allowing it to hang in the air longer.

Supplied in a 100ml bottle with an atomiser spray.

RELAX is the nut allergen safe alternative to our CALM* range.


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Why the RELAX Room Spritz?

It seems our furry, four-legged friends are complex creatures. Some only get stressed when left alone, others are stressed or suffer with anxiety most or all of the time.

The Room Spritz was designed for those of you who “don’t do candles” or for when you need to leave the house and you know your dog will become anxious or you just simply want to boost the calming effect of our RELAX candle.

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