Frosted Apothecary Candles

The Large Frosted Apothecary Candle is 91mm Tall (108mm including the lid) by 68mm Diameter, with an average 35hrs of burn time.
The Small Frosted Apothecary Candle is 65mm Tall (91mm including the lid) by 48mm Diameter, with an average 14hrs of burn time to enhance and fragrance any room .

Both the Fragrance and Wax of this  Candle are Vegan Friendly and Phthalate free.


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Always ensure you trim the wick to 4mm each time you light your candle. Keep your candle free from foreign materials, including match and wick trimmings. Only burn your candle on a level, fire resistant surface and do not burn your candle for more than four hours at a time.

Make sure you achieve a full liquid surface on your first burn as subsequent burns will never travel past the first liquid burn pool point on soy wax candles.

Occasionally you may be left with a residue of wax, this can be used in wax  burner, the fragrance will be released however the wax will remain. When the fragrance has diminished, simply remove the wax.