Glass Mosaic Electric Tartlet Warmer

Moroccan Straight Electric Tartet Warmer

Influenced by the ‘Tiffany’ lamp the Moroccan Straight delivers a beautiful light reflection with the red, greens and yellows creating a rich, traditional look which would suit both period and modern homes.

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The new style electric  Glass Mosaic Electric Tartlet Warmer is great for those who don’t like using naked flames for home fragrancing.  They give off a beautiful light intensity. They create a cozy ambiance as they use a light bulb to evenly heat and melt the wax.  Electric wax warmers heat up slowly and release the fragrance oil within the wax gradually, without burning it. This means that the level of fragrance is more consistent than that of its tea-light counter-part. Also being a great deal safer as the temperature is  controlled  at a safer level.

To use just simply plug in your glass mosaic electric tartlet Warmer and switch it on.  Touch the outer casing to turn on then cycle through the light settings till it cycles back to off. Our wax tartlets are concentrated so only place 1/4 of a tartlet into the inner bowl. The wax will slowly start to melt and release the amazing fragrance.  So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

The tartlet 1/4 should fragrance your room for up to two evenings*.  If you can still smell the fragrance after two evenings, continue to use it until the fragrance has diminished.  Then, simply pour it into your waste bin whilst warm (NOT hot).  Wipe around the bowl or, alternatively, allow the wax to set and take it out gently (being careful not to damage the glass/ceramic bowl).  Then pop in another piece and you’re good to go again!

If you like a modern non colour changing light why not try one of our Touch Sensitive Tartlet Warmer.  These don’t have an LED module to cycle the colour.

*one evening constitutes a four hour use.