Large Ceramic Buddha Head Wax Melt Burner – White

Large Ceramic Buddha Head Wax Melt Burner – White

Size 100 mm Diameter x 140 mm Tall (size is approx)

Stylish Ceramic Matte White Buddha Head Oil Burner with lid.

This modern twist on a traditional design will suit any contemporary interior.  Can be used with the lid on or off.



Large Ceramic Buddha Head Wax Melt Burner

Use in conjunction with our Melting Wax Tartlets (Wax Melts).  Break each Tartlet into 4 pieces and simply pop 1 piece into the bowl of the oil burner.  Place a tea-light candle into the cavity underneath the bowl and light.  As the wax melts it will turn into an oil and begin to release the most amazing fragrance.    Once the candle goes out and the wax cools, it will set solid again.  You can repeat this process for one or two evenings, just using a new tea-light as and when needed.

Once the fragrance has diminished, use a spoon to remove the solid wax, dispose of responsibly and pop in a new piece!


  • ALWAYS use your wax melt burner sensibly.
  • NEVER add water when you are using in conjunction with Wax Tartlets (Wax Melts).  
  • ALWAYS ensure the burner is placed on a heat proof mat or coaster on a level surface.  
  • NEVER use burners near open windows, curtains or other flammable materials.
  • IMPORTANT the burner becomes VERY hot – NEVER try to pick up the burner whilst alight or hot.