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You don’t have to be an existing customer, you can even use your On Line E Gift Card as a Guest to the website. If you purchase a £50 Gift Card for a loved one or for that someone special you too get a little something, £5 absolutely free.  If its a more special celebration and you buy a £75 or more  Gift Card you get an amazing £10 Gift Card absolutely free. You can spend your Gift Card on whatever you want whenever you want, the choice is yours.

Simply enter the Card Number into the Apply Gift Card Number Box at checkout, its as simple as that. This can be copy and Pasted from the Email.

If the Cart total is more than the Gift Card balance you will be left with the Gift Card balance to use at another time . If on the other hand the Cart total is more than the Gift Card balance then the Balance will be taken by an alternative payment method.  But now that you have a Kent Candle Company  On Line E Gift Card you can top it up, so you have money in your account to spend whenever you want.  Maybe For that Contemporary Candle or a Mouth Blown Reed Diffuser that you have longed for just saving for that rainy day.

You can find out more about E Gift Cards on Wikipedia


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