Reed Diffuser Refill

A 100ml refill bottle with a set of 6 reeds and 2 speciality reeds.


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Positioning of your Mouth Blow Reed Diffuser And Using Your Refill

The correct positioning of your Mouth Blown Reed Diffuser is vital to gain the maximum fragrance from your reed diffuser refill. Wherever possible, place it near a door or where the air-flow will lift and carry your fragrance. If this isn’t possible, consider having two reed diffusers in opposing corners of the room.

Turning your Reeds

Many companies are now trying to sell reeds (similar to compressed filter paper and very fibrous) which, according to research, do not necessitate turning. In our experience these manufactured reeds draw the fragrance up exceptionally quickly, giving you an initial fragrance ‘hit’.  However, their structure then becomes clogged, causing unsightly discolouration and slowing the fragrance delivery until it is virtually undetectable. We prefer to use natural rattan reeds, which have lots of tiny hollow channels within the reed and it is these channels that draw the fragrance by capillary action, delivering a continuous scent. Simply turn the reeds once or twice a week to keep the fragrance level at its best.

Helpful tips

If you find that your fragrance diffuser is  a little overpowering in the beginning, try using a fewer reeds, which will effectively ‘turn down the volume’ and keep the fragrance at a more comfortable level for you.

In the unlikely event there is still a little fragrance oil in your bottle towards the end but you’re just not getting the fragrance delivery, your reeds may have become saturated. You could try changing your reeds and/or adding a couple of extra ones to deliver the fragrance a little better.

Remember, how we perceive fragrance is unique to each of us. Don’t be afraid to adjust the reeds to suit you.  Refills available


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