Small Soapstone Wax Burner

Natural Soapstone Wax Burner – Small

Size 78 mm Diameter x 100 mm Tall (size is approx)

With a beautiful marble like appearance, all our natural Soapstone Burners are individually hand carved and detailed by experienced Master Craftsmen in India and imported into the UK under a Fair Trade Policy.


These Soapstone Burners are a natural product and no two are identical.  Finishes and patterns WILL vary from batch to batch.  Please do contact us if you want a specific Design/Colour/Finish and we will assist as much as possible although we are unable to guarantee this.




You can use a Small Soapstone Wax Burner in conjunction with our Melting Wax Tartlets (Wax Melts). What are melting wax tartlets? Essentially, they are scented candles, minus the wick. So how do you burn them without a wick we hear you ask? Use them in conjunction with a wax/oil burner, either the tea-light style or the newer, electric versions.

Just like our candles, our melting wax tartlets are heavily scented so a little goes a long way. They are quick and easy to use and are a much more economical way of trying out different fragrances.  See which you prefer the most or simply to fragrance the whole of your house without breaking the bank!

Simply push each tart up from the bottom to release them from the plastic container DO NOT USE THEM IN THE PLASTIC CONTAINER, ALL PACKAGING MUST BE REMOVED PRIOR TO USE, then break or cut each tart into four pieces. You can adjust the size of the piece you use, according to the size of the bowl on your wax/oil burner. Pop the piece of tartlet into the burner bowl, light the tea-light (or switch on your electric burner) and as the wax slowly melts, the wonderful scent will be released and begin to fragrance your home.

The fragrance should last for approximately two evenings. Once you can no longer smell any fragrance or it’s not as strong as you would like, remove the solid wax and pop in a new piece.

Melting wax tartlets make ideal (and affordable) gifts when you want something a little different, when you want to try out new fragrances in the home or just want to indulge yourself!


  • ALWAYS use your oil burner sensibly.
  • NEVER add water when you are using in conjunction with Wax Tartlets (Wax Melts).  
  • ALWAYS ensure the burner is placed on a heat proof mat or coaster on a level surface.  
  • NEVER use burners near open windows, curtains or other flammable materials.
  • IMPORTANT the burner becomes VERY hot – NEVER try to pick up the burner whilst alight or hot.