Square Ceramic Buddha Oil Burner – Duck Egg Blue

Ceramic Square Buddha Oil Burner – Duck Egg Blue

Size 70 mm Wide x 70 mm Deep x 90 mm Tall (size is approx)

Crackle-glazed ceramic Buddha Head Oil Burner.  For use with fragranced oils, follow your oil manufacture’s usage instructions.  This modern twist on a traditional design will suit any contemporary interior.

*Shades may vary*


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Ceramic Square Buddha Oil Burner

Use in conjunction with fragrance oils.

Place a tea-light candle into the cavity underneath the bowl and light and then follow the usage instructions as directed by the oil manufacturer.


  • ALWAYS use your oil burner sensibly.
  • ALWAYS ensure the burner is placed on a heat proof mat or coaster on a level surface.  
  • NEVER use burners near open windows, curtains or other flammable materials.
  • NEVER leave lit burners unattended.
  • IMPORTANT the burner becomes VERY hot – NEVER try to pick up the burner whilst alight or hot.