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We are Jo and Ray, AKA The Kent Candle Company. A husband and wife team; we’ve been together since we were fourteen and have been married for over thirty years. Like most people our age, we’ve undertaken a few jobs in our time but they’ve never quite ticked every box on our wish list of things to do and achieve.

In December 2012, whilst out and about looking at all sorts of curiosities and vintage delights, we came across tea-cup candles in the attic of a really quirky shop in Kent; they were so unique, we were inspired to have ‘have a go’ and see if we could develop something that was as beautiful yet more individual. In January 2013, we embarked on a non-stop, crazy yet fantastic candle-making journey taking candles to the next level and we’re not finished yet!

Candles are such an important part of life; they’re associated with faith, prayer, love, intimacy, atmosphere and elegance. They provide safety and comfort in times of need, and have been a guiding light for many thousands of years. Candles are huge and they’re here to stay but in an ever evolving world, we want to bring to you so much more than just a candle!

We only EVER use soy wax, which allows for much cleaner burning, doesn’t emit any toxins, carcinogens or pollutants and is less likely to trigger allergies. Soy wax burns much cooler than its paraffin counterpart, meaning it’s safer to use around children and will, on average, last 30% – 50% longer than a paraffin candle of the same size. Made from soybeans, the wax is biodegradable and water soluble, so will clean out without any effort and accidental spills are much easier to clean and if that isn’t enough, it’s kind to the environment too!

Every single candle is hand poured in our workshop in Kent, with the emphasis on quality over quantity, delivering home fragrancing on every possible level.  If, however, you love incredible home fragrancing but you don’t really ‘do’ candles, try our Melting Wax Tartlets.  Created to give non-stop, out of this world fragrancing using a wax melt burner or the new, electric style warmers.

Wax Tartlets, simple and no-fuss fragrancing, just select you tartlet, place up to ¼ of the tartlet into your burner for 2+ evenings of explosive fragrancing. Once the fragrance has gone, simply take out the wax and pop in a new piece.

Room Colognes and Reed Diffusers complete our range in home fragrancing. Both made with superior fragrance oils and absolutely no ‘cheap carrier agents’! The Room Colognes give instant fragrancing whilst the Reed Diffusers offer a gentle, background ‘bouquet’ which works in conjunction with our other products.

As owners of a miniature red wire Dachshund and previous three other miniature Dachshunds, we know what it’s like to have four-legged friends as part of the family; when they get stressed and upset, it affects everyone. We worked tirelessly to develop and produce an aromatherapy product that could alleviate stress in one of our dogs (See the full story on the Aromatherapy Page). After months of research and testing, we created a candle to calm dogs and begun producing the range to offer to others with the same problems. The success we have had with the CALM* range to date has been inconceivable, with many customers using it on a permanent basis to benefit from the continued calming effects. For those who suffer from nut allergies, we expanded our range to include RELAX which IS nut allergy safe.

We pride ourselves in the pieces we create, the fragrances we offer, the products we produce and the service we deliver. The Kent Candle Company, extraordinary is our ordinary!